Sails of Vyborg 2014




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Marine Festival "Sails of Vyborg 2014" will be held 18 - 19 July 2014 during the international race of sailing ships and yachts "300 years victory at Gangut" together with the Finnish Sailing and Boating Federation on route Kronstadt - Tranzundsky raid - race "Sails of Vyborg" - Kotka - Hanko - Turku.

The first victory on the sea over the Swedes was in a naval battle at Gangut at July 27, 1714. By victory at Gangut under the leadership of Peter I Russia "opened a window to Europe" and gradually began to turn into a leading maritime empire in the Baltic Sea.

Distance lenght: 11 miles.
Registration: from 5:00 p.m. 18.07.2014.
Start time - at 11:00 a.m. 19.07.2014.

Distance of regatta

Map of town

e-mail for filing to ka-yht@bk.ru